About Us

Questions about us? Learn about what we do. Have you noticed increased energy rates recently? Fact is, more
and more people are switching to solar to help save money, the
environment, and keep a manageable monthly payment.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are extremely durable, well-built and tested in extreme
conditions. Their efficiency is increasing and homes are now able to
cover up to 100% or more of their energy supply.

Extended Guarantee

We offer an industry leading 30 year warranty. The standard warranty for panels is 25 years, but we can provide a 30 year guarantee. Most homes have their Solar Systems paid off in 20 years or less, that’s up to 10 years of energy for nearly free (Most electrical companies charge a minimal service fee).

Top Shelf Products

We offer various different solar panels, by several manufacturers. We have our panels IN STOCK, unlike many competitors. Our batteries are available and best in class among others.