Frequently Ask Questions

1. Do Solar Panels void my roof warranty?

Absolutely not! We get this question a lot, if your solar panels are installed by a professional that meets the roofing warranty guidelines it will not void your warranty. With that said, solar panels actually can increase the life of your roof because less of your roof is exposed to the elements.

2. What happens if I sell my home?

You have options! Either the buyer will assume the payment for the solar or you can sell your home for the added value of solar. How cool would it be for a buyer to know they can come into a home and have a little-to-no energy bill?

3. How durable are solar panels?

Extremely, certainly more than your phone. They are rigorously tested in all elements. Here in Florida we have CAT 4 hurricane rated panels, which is required. The panels have extensive warranties, sometimes 25 to 30 years. They include power generation guarantees. Solar panels have come a long way!

4. How much does it cost?

This is also a very common question. The fact is, the costs varies by each situation. The common things that will have an effect on cost are usually: Home size, Family size, Pool Heater, Usage yearly, Direction of roof, and Battery back-up. With this said, we offer $0 down financing to fit every customers’ needs.

5. How does the tax incentive work?

For 2022, the Federal Solar tax incentive is 30%, this is against your tax liability and does not apply to all consumers. The only true way to tell is to check with a CPA. We do offer leasing programs for Solar as well, if the tax incentive does not apply to you. State incentives also apply, please see our state incentives page.

6. Are you fully insured?

Yes, we are often times triple-backed by insurance. We offer a 30 year warranty, which is in conjunction with the original panel manufacturers warranty and depending on a lender you can have a guarantee through them as well.