Our Services

Customer Centric Service

We are Professional Energy Consultants offering a one-stop solution to customers whether it is for your home or a commercial property. Our goal is to provide honest feedback regarding how you can save a significant amount of money on your current electric bills.

Accurate Estimates:

Our experts can perform high-quality and optimized estimates. We calculate the most savings you can gain over time, along with sun-light hours, roof facing, equipment and battery storage to find the perfect fit for your needs. Our ultimate goal is to save you money and to provide freedom from constantly increasing energy bills. We will go exceed expectations when it comes to finding the correct technical and financial requirements to meet your unique needs. Our rates are extremely competitive and our solutions are even more competitive.


We have an array (pun intended) of solar installers and a large network of equipment providers. We can help you get the best rate because we purchase our equipment in bulk and at lower costs, which we can provide to the customer. Our expert installers take the time and care needed when it comes to your home or business and all of our installers are certified and must meeting local code requirements. We cover work up to 10 years and panels up to 30 years, which exceeds our competition.

Excellent Customer Support:

Our customer support will really shine through as we take you from the start to finish. After your install is complete we will still be available should you have any questions or need further requests. Our top priority is excellent customer service before and after the job is complete.

Above Industry-Standard Warranty:

Because of our long-lasting relationship with our vendors, and our often times triple protected warranty; we can go beyond just a standard warranty of 25-years; we provide up to a 30-year warranty on the panels and inverters. Have peace of mind that your solar panel will stand the test of time. Should there ever be an issue we provide multiple avenues to get assistance with the problem. All of the details will be covered in our installation packet.

Energy Usage Recommendation:

If you do not plan on going solar, we can still provide you recommendations on improvements you can make to help lower your energy costs. We understand that even though most homes are well-equipped for solar, there are some that are not and they still suffer from the rising energy costs. We’re here to help!