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At Smart Volt Solar we believe in providing honest recommendations to help homeowners break free from rising energy costs. When you partner with us, a top rated solar energy company, you’ll find the perfect solar panels and battery backups to provide the energy solutions that you need. Please read on for more information on who Smart Volt Solar is, what our process looks like, and find out more information about how to get started on your solar energy journey. Fill out our form for a painless contact quote — meaning you get to choose how and when you want our team to contact you.

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About Us

Are you looking for home solar panels or commercial solar panels to provide you with energy independence? Look no further than Smart Volt Solar! We will provide honest recommendations and create a plan for you to have your solar project completed quickly and conveniently through our network of contractors. 

Here at Smart Volt Solar, we offer top-of-the line solar panels and battery backups throughout Florida and many other states. Take advantage of our best-in-class 30-year warranty on all of our solar products.!That way, you can have peace of mind when you choose us. 

Smart Volt Solar knows you have noticed the increasing energy rates recently. If you’re frustrated by the costs of getting your energy from companies who overcharge, solar energy is your solution. The fact is, that today more people than ever are switching to solar panels to help save money on energy costs, and to help save the environment, and keep a manageable monthly payment. 

Contact us today for a stress-free, professional recommendation to see if you can benefit from adding solar to your home or business. 

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Solar Panels

The solar panels that we recommend at Smart Volt Solar are extremely durable, well-built, and tested in extreme conditions. With their increasing efficiency, homes and commercial properties that switch to solar panels are now able to cover up to 100% or more of their energy supply. You can trust that when you choose us to help you achieve energy independence, the solar panels offered by our top rated solar energy company are some of the highest quality options available!

Extended Guarantee

We offer an industry-leading 30-year warranty. The standard warranty for home solar panels and commercial solar panels is typically 25 years when you choose a different solar energy company, but Smart Volt Solar can provide a 30-year guarantee! Most homes have their solar systems paid off in 20 years or less, that’s up to 10 years of energy for nearly free! (Most electrical companies charge a minimal service fee).

High Quality Products

We offer various home and commercial solar panels, from several trusted and industry-leading manufacturers. We ensure that we always have our panels IN STOCK and available for your Florida residence, unlike many other solar energy companies. Our batteries are the best in class!

Our Services

Customer Centric Service

We are Professional Energy Consultants offering a one-stop solution to our customers, whether you are looking for home solar panels or commercial solar panels. Our goal at Smart Volt Solar is to provide honest feedback regarding how you can save a significant amount of money on your current electric bills.

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Why Choose Smart Volt Solar?

Our Service, Our Support, Our Dedication

Have you noticed increased energy rates recently? The fact is, more and more people are switching to solar to help save money, and the environment, and keep a manageable monthly payment. Avoiding high energy bills and helping the environment are just the beginning of the benefits you will get from solar panels.

Always Clean Energy

Smart Volt Solar is your environmentally smart decision because we have a 100% offset carbon footprint. The value we provide is in the customer themselves! We will meet your needs and offer a range of services and you’ll decide if they are best for you. We are proud to help you find new ways to use clean energy.

Seamless Project Completion

We will be there to support you before, during, and after your project is complete to explain every step of the process. Once we find the right fit for your home we help keep the project moving and will keep you updated from start to finish. 

Cost Efficient Pricing

Our prices and services are extremely competitive! We can do this through our excellent products and services.  We have teamed up with licensed contractors in our service areas to provide the most cost-effective products.

A Long Term Investment

Home and commercial solar panels now have an efficiency rating of up to 90-92% after 25 years! What that means to you is that our panels will still be effective long after the system is paid for, and your investment in clean energy will last long term.

Find Your Purpose

Whether you are looking for ways to avoid expensive monthly electric bills, or you need just a little extra energy, or you’re creating a completely sustainable lifestyle… the choice is yours! We can cover partial home solar panel systems, full systems, and full systems with battery backup.

Reciprocal Service

When you become a part of Smart Volt Solar, you will never stop having our support. Our service and support will stand out from the crowd from the other solar energy companies. The team here at Smart Volt Solar has years of top-level support experience, and we know that once the project is complete, the story isn’t over… We will be with you every step of the way.

State Incentives

All states offer the federal 30% tax incentive  Speak to a CPA to find out how you can benefit from this huge tax incentive!

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How It Works

Lifecycle for a Solar Project

If you’re ready to move on from expensive energy rates, home or commercial solar panels are your answer! We provide a streamlined process to get your solar panel system from design, completion and working as quickly as possible.

Get A Free, Customized Energy Solution

There is no obligation at this point, let’s see how much you can save! Contact Smart Volt Solar to request a free quote and get started on your journey to clean energy. 

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Find Your Solar Panels

Once you’ve learned how much you can save by working with a solar energy company, you’ll be able to choose your ideal solar panel solution. We offer top of the line solar panels and battery backups throughout Florida, so you can’t go wrong with any choice.

Survey / Project

Once you’ve chosen and signed on your ideal home or commercial solar panels, Smart Volt Solar will assist you with every step of the way. We assist in handling all of the project completion.  We want to ensure you have an exemplary experience so we will review each phase of the project with you. 

Energy Freedom

You’re on your way to energy freedom! Once your project is completed, you’ll begin to notice the benefits shortly after your system is powered on. Energy freedom isn’t dependent on the Sun being out. If you’ve ever heard someone question if solar panels work during cloudy or stormy weather, you’ll be relieved to know that solar still produces energy even in cloudy weather. Yes, we agree, it’s an optimal situation.

Ready to work with our solar energy company and experience all of the benefits that solar panels have to offer?  Contact us today.

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We are excited to announce we are
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We are excited to announce we are
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Grand Opening

We are excited to announce we are
doing a soft-launch of the website to
family & friends.