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Reasons to Switch to Solar & Battery Backups

Here at Smart Volt Solar, we’re proud to be Tampa Bay’s go-to solar company. More and more people are switching to solar —and for good reason! If you’re debating whether or not to invest in solar for your home or business, then this blog is for you. Learn a few of the most common reasons people switch to solar and battery backups, and if you have more questions or would like a quote for your project, contact us today!

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What Is Solar & Battery Backup?

When people think of solar, they usually think of just solar panels, but we recommend combining your solar panels with a battery backup system.  This means that the energy your solar panels collect during the day can be stored in a battery for use at night or during power outages.

Solar panels collect energy from the sun, converting it into electricity. This electricity is then stored in a battery backup system, allowing you to use it at any time — even during power outages! Plus, if you generate more electricity than you need, excess energy can be sent back to the grid for credits on your electric bill.

Why Switch to Solar & Battery Backup?

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Save Money

The number one reason most people switch to solar is that it saves them money on their monthly electric bills. And with battery backups, you can store and use energy at times when electricity is more expensive, like during peak hours. Energy is getting more and more expensive, but with solar, you gain access to the free, renewable energy of the Florida sun.

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Energy Independence

Rather than being completely dependent on your electric company, solar and battery backups give you control over your own energy source. And with the added security of a battery backup, power outages will have little to no effect on your energy supply. With traditional energy, you have no control over the prices or availability — but with solar, you have the power to be independent.

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Tax Breaks & Incentives

The government offers tax breaks and incentives for those who switch to solar and battery backups, making it even more cost-effective. While solar is an investment, there are many ways to make it more affordable. We’re more than happy to talk with you about the tax breaks and incentives available to you. All states offer the federal 30% tax incentive, and we can help you take advantage of this huge tax incentive.

If you’re concerned about costs, know that our prices are extremely competitive! Plus, we’re backed by one of the fastest-growing general contractors in the solar industry. Contact us today to learn more!

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Not only does solar energy cut back on your personal carbon footprint, but it also helps with the larger goal of reducing our dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Switching to solar is a step towards a more sustainable future for ourselves and for the planet.

Plus, when you choose Smart Volt Solar, you can feel good about your decision to work with us because we have a 100% offset carbon footprint. We not only meet your needs, but we also find ways to use clean energy ourselves.

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Living in Florida, we know how important it is to be prepared for hurricanes. And unfortunately, power outages are often a part of hurricane season. But with solar and battery backups, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll still have access to energy even if the power goes out in your neighborhood.

Make the Switch To Solar!

We hope this blog has highlighted some of the benefits of switching to solar and battery backups. Ready to make the switch to Florida solar for yourself? Contact us today! Our solar energy company has extensive experience working with home and business owners in Tampa Bay and the surrounding area. We have the solar panels and battery backups that you need.

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